Saturday, December 10, 2011


Bad day.

Very demanding, running circles around the house, hitting the kids (not as bad as before we started, but still) not obeying me, wet his pants. Broke a nativity scene. Had to be sent to his room for hitting Maggie. Saying words like stupid and hate, which he knows aren't allowed. Stealing food.

We were going to go shopping but I won't take him out when he's acting like this.

Pickles? Bread? Crackers?

We made sugar cookies, I left out the almond extract.

Annie's organic Mac & Cheese with ground turkey and grated swiss chesse for dinner.


  1. Saying stupid and hate - my child does that, too. And when I discipline him, he will call me stupid. What the... I am so pumped that food might be the problem. The discipline issues have almost driven me to insanity.

  2. so agree about the stupid and hate thing.