Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday: cause I wasn't weird enough already

Breakfast: approved oatmeal, Horizon milk
snack: natural Cheetos
lunch: PBJ sandwich, saltines, pear, pineapple juice
snack at PALS: Clif kids bar
dinner: pb sandwich, Fritos, watermelon, banana, water

Ike woke up in a happy mood and I knew we'd have a good day today. Sure enough, when I picked him up his teacher said he did.

She also brought me an 'incident report' - one of those papers they have to fill out when your kid hits another kid. But guess what - Ike was the victim!!

I am pretty sure I am the only mom who ever did a fist pump and said YESSS! upon learning that their kid had gotten slapped by another kid at preschool.

Right afterward, she handed another piece of paper to the other mom. That mom looked very upset and said, "I just don't know what has gotten into her lately!" And I said, immediately:


All I got was a kind of weird look.

And this is the moment when I realized that I have, once again, trumped my own established level of weirdness.

  • Being a Christian who actually believes the bible means what it says is pretty stinking weird, but I thought I could do weirder
  • So then I had four kids in three years, which definitely qualified me for the Weird Olympics. But, we still weren't bringing home the gold...
  • So we decided to adopt a kid from an orphanage in Africa. Now, that's weird. Ca-razy weird. But y'all...it doesn't stop there....
  • Now I'm the bible thumper with four little kids who is adopting more from Africa of all places AND WHO GOES ON AND ON ABOUT THE FACT THAT ARTIFICIAL DYES AND ALL THAT STUFF MAKE KIDS ACT CRAZY!!

How much more of a freak can I become???

Really, the only thing left for me to do now is homeschool.

Anyway, all the aggression and bad behavior has left him - he is my sweet little Ikey, who is talking more and more. But he still cried so much today, like his little heart was broken. He didn't want to go to PALS, so he sobbed. Maggie took some stickers away from him, he sobbed. I told him I needed my iPhone back, he sobbed. I mentioned before he is not a crier, so this is odd.

It appears that the yellow #5 (I am assuming this is all the yellow, even though there is some blue #1 in pickles too) makes him a holy terror for the first 36 hours, and then he has PMS for at least another day.

{maybe I eat too much dye?}


  1. Aw, Missy, as a homeschooling mom, I'm going to start praying for you. To homeschool. That's right. When Cameron started going over the edge (and we were getting no support from the school with his ADHD), we yanked him and his brother from public school and started to homeschool. I'm not saying it's right for everyone, but it certainly helped him. He loves the slower schedule. But, since you've mentioned it a few times, I think God must be laying it on your heart! :) And I just looked at the one jar of pickles I allow in the house. (I don't like pickles, sorry.) There's also sodium benzoate (sp) in ours as well as the yellow #5. I wonder if it could be the combination. The preservative has an effect as well. Which is why we dole them out few and far between! -- Geri

  2. Maybe he needs a piece of anti-oxidant (healthy!) dark chocolate. :)

  3. Girl, I'm just now catching up with your other blog {warning: homeschooling moms don't have time to blog or read blogs often--if they do, their husbands are probably every night and every weekend. In other words, I could use some wine}.

    You need to check out these other natural foodie blogs. Great resources listed on both:

    I might also check out Feingold. Don't have TONS of behavior problems, but it's hard to tell with a 3yo. Is is a ligit tantrum or is his body outta wack? This might tell me!

  4. Homeschooling means you have much more fun with your kids. They drive you crazy too but you have much more fun. You'd be great at it and a much more fun mom than me!

    BTW, my prediction of the next freakish thing you are going to do is canning and pickling, things such as fruit in the summer and cucumbers. I just don't think that a family with that many jars of pickles can go without. ;-)

  5. Dang! I tried to leave this post last night, but it crapped out...listen...about the homeschooling...I read your post a couple of weeks ago that I think you entitled, "The best NON-homeschooling mom EVA!" or something like that and I laughed...out loud b/c that was me several years ago...In the list of things I said I'd never do, homeschool was on there (unless I heard God in an audible voice). Well, I quit saying, "never"...just eliminated it from my vocabulary b/c I've done everything I said I'd never do and my kids definately have....God did use others to speak to me recently about homeschooling my oldest son (who is 13, Asperger Syndrome). My other two are not homeschooled right now and I don't have plans to do that, but am not opposed to it. My son LOVES being homeschooled. He has learned so much the last 8 weeks (since I pulled him out) and read interesting literature and is grasping concepts in math. It was just what he needed but I wasn't listening. It has done so much to heal our relationship and he is so pleasant and productive during the morning. I'm a very big public school advocate (public school teacher in the past) but you have to do what is right for each of your kids.

  6. Well, I just read every post in this new(ish) blog and am feeling tempted to research this diet for our 4 year old. We've already started becoming a little nutty about sustainable farming and organic foods lately after watching several documentaries, but I haven't been that careful about cereals and PICKLES. Hmmmmmm......

    p.s. Homeschooling for the first time this year, too. It's the best!

  7. Thank you for sharing this journey! Clicked over from your other blog. My husband and I have been eating Paleo since September, and it's done wonders for us - and we are planning to convert our kiddos to this way of eating after the first of the year. I have a sneaky suspicion when I get all the dye (and gluten and sugar) out of their diets, I'll be thinking less about buying a 100 copies of The Strong Willed Child;-)

  8. Homeschooling then speaking in tongues. Then you'll be covered. ;)

  9. I enjoy your posts...this one especially! We have alot in common. I am a bible thumper homeschooling Feingold following mom of 4 kids. Bwahahah