Sunday, December 11, 2011


Walker out of town
Skipped church

breakfast: gluten free Van's waffle & honey
lunch: Rudi's bread, Hormel natural turkey, swiss cheese, French's honey mustard, organic lemonaide
dinner (for Maggie's birthday): Daniel Wong's Healthy Kitchen lemon chicken: fried without the sauce, small amount of lo mein; two dumplings, water

I had left a jar of pickles on the counter to give to my brother and Ike got in them and ate all that was left. They have yellow dye in them - Ike was spazzy and bratty in the morning, he did okay at the Best Christmas Pageant Ever play, better than I thought he would - but toward the end got very loud and hyper and defiant. Damn pickles.

He got hungry at the play. They were selling cookies, but they all had TBHQ in them (a preservative made from crude oil that is banned on the Feingold) so I couldn't buy them. That ticked him off - I have got to get in the habit of always having some Annie's crackers or something in my purse. It is very inconvenient to not be able to buy stuff. 

His language is still increasing tho. More complex syntax - much more. I think I've heard 3 or 4 new vocab words just this weekend.

Frustrated - but now I have removed ALL bad food from the house. I thought I would be able to keep some banned food for Walker and I to eat (like pickles) - but now I know that won't work. It is SO NOT WORTH IT.

I feel like when your baby sleeps through the night one night and then starts waking up again. Psych!!!

So, starting from scratch tomorrow. Again. Hope it won't take too long for the dye to work out of his system.

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