Thursday, December 15, 2011

Please keep the tomatoes

We celebrated Maggie's birthday last night at a Mexican restaurant, which shall mark the beginning of the end. I don't expect to be full on Feingold again until December 26 at the earliest.

Ike ate mostly chips and salsa for dinner. Tomatoes are banned in stage one (due to salicylates) and I am racked with anxiety that he will have a reaction when tomatoes are introduced because probably 75% of my recipes have tomatoes! We are a tomato loving family!!

Ike was up way past his bedtime and was a bit of a pill this morning, so I was expecting a bad report at school - but he got a thumbs up! YIPPEE!!! Perhaps this means a tomato free life is not our destiny!!

He also had Chic Fil A at school for his Christmas party. Chic Fil A's fries have TBHQ, a preservative that is a form of butane. As in cigarette lighters. Mmmm, mmmm. He had a good day at PALS so I am not sure if it affected him or not.

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