Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Walker is out of town.

Ike did 'okay' at school. He had PALS after school and I forgot they give snack; they gave him Chex mix. His teacher also forgot to give him his Cheeetos at school for snack, he ate pretzels.

We started full on yesterday and today - today teacher said he was 'okay' in school, and I had to take him with me to help with Maggie's computer class at school and he did pretty good - way better than last Friday when I went to read to Shep's class and he was a monster. I was feeling so hopeful.

We have had a problem with him kicking the other kids when I get them from school. We talked about it, and he did great - at first. But then I had to go to the dry cleaners and he started kicking them, in the face, the arms. He is strong so it really hurts. This is all from his car seat. He would NOT stop.

Plans to get a Christmas tree ruined - I put him in his room - I was SO mad. He screamed and kicked a hole in his door.

The kid's FOUR.

Sigh. I'm feeling so defeated.

I wanted this magical instant turnaround. I know that's not realistic but I'm just so weary.

One of the moms on the FAUS board pointed out that he may have reacted to the dry cleaning fumes.

They also told me that often as the kids detox, it gets worse before it gets better.

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