Tuesday, January 17, 2012

boo to salicylites

The two salicylates foods that I have been the most worried about were apples and tomatoes, because those are the ones we eat the most.

Saturday night Ike had a raw tomato at dinner. Sunday he kicked Shep in the face, laughed, and called him stupid.

Yesterday he ate a granny smith apple. Just now he threw a tantrum when I wouldn't let him play my iPhone. A trantrum that was short and distractible, but a tantrum none-the-less.

I'm hoping these are coincidences...further testing will ensue. Also gonna try cooked tomatoes and different kinds of apples see if I see the same effects.


  1. Please keep this up. I'm so glad you're sharing! We thought tomatoes were a problem, but after 6 weeks of stage one and a clean slate, we could add them back in. But grapes and raisins...still off the list four years later. You just never know! Keep a food journal for sure.

  2. What is it about the salicylates that is troublesome, do you know? I'm so grateful you are sharing this journey. My 4 year old has had so many "behavior" issues similar to what you've described with yours I'm so interested in this as a possible solution! Mine is such a study in extremes: on the one hand he is my most compliant, sweet, tender-hearted child, and on the other hand he has the most violent temper and more health issues (including egg allergy and asthma) than the other 2 combined! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your issues and solutions so the rest of us can learn too!

  3. Apples I can live without (sad, but manageable)... but tomatoes?

    If we have to go tomato-free at home, I will have dates with John June-September where we just go out and eat garden fresh tomatoes with a touch of salt.


    It will probably be good for our marriage:)