Friday, January 20, 2012

Proof in the piano

A friend of mine just sent this email:

"Today is piano day and our teacher comes to our house (with 4 kids, it
works just as well for her). My primary target child always goes first. I
told her about Feingold last week but we weren't really on it yet since I
hadn't received the program yet. (I had just taken out the main offenders.)
She was interested in it for her own family, so I sent her some info and

During the target child's lesson, she stopped at one point and said
'I am just going to cry, you are doing so well.' Then she told me after he
got down that it was like having a new child and if that isn't a testimony
she didn't know what is.

So thankful for Feingold!


  1. Keep sharing, Missy! I love hearing stories like these!

  2. I just ordered it.....reluctantly because to be honest changing things scares me, but I want to see if it will help some of my babes. PRAYING it will. :)

  3. We are having trouble with our children too. We started removing all food dyes from our diet (how gross are they anyway!) I was wondering how your journey is going?