Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Questions about the Feingold Diet?

Since we began the Feingold Diet, Ike's behavior is so, so different from what it was this time last month. I still have a nervous feeling in my stomach every time I go to pick him up from preschool, afraid that the teacher is going to give me 'the look' and explain how he clobbered another kid or refused to obey her.

But every day I get two little words that make my heart sing: "Good day!"

At home, he is sweeter and more patient. His relationship with his siblings has improved so much, especially with Shepherd. Before he was the bratty baby brother. The other day, Shep said, "Mom! Ike is so funny now! And cute! And fun! I love having a brother!"

Perhaps my favorite part is how well his language has improved. He can express himself so much more than he could. His expressive language is almost normal. The worst part about having a child with a speech delay (I've had two) is that it stunts your relationship. Maybe that is the greatest blessing from Feingold - Ike can talk now, and Shep is right, he is funny!

I've had several emails from friends who are considering doing Feingold. They have lots of questions like, How hard is it? Are you doing the whole family or just one kid? Is it costing you a fortune?

I am wondering if y'all have questions too?

If you do, please leave them in the comments and I will do a Q&A soon.


  1. So, so proud of you. You already know how I feel about the Feingold Diet (lifesaver!), and I have all my questions answered by trial and error these last four, almost five years. SO WORTH IT!

    Keep talking about it. Lord knows people need to know about it.


  2. Yes, please do a Q&A!

    My son has been having similar issues for the past year. I'm starting to see some issues in my younger son too. The doctors haven't been able to figure out what's going on, and basically make me feel like I'm crazy and just don't know how to deal with my kids. I'm sure you can relate! I'm waiting on results of a sleep study they did on my oldest to see if he has sleep apnea before we start diet modification but I'm trying to learn as much as I can now to eliminate as many road bumps as possible along the way.

    I'm very nervous about the cost of going on a special diet, because I would definitely do it for the whole family, not just him. Can you describe where you buy your food and how much it costs? We're on a tight budget now already.

    Is there any eating out options? We don't eat out much, but sometimes it's inevitable.

    What do you do about school snacks? Parents provide snacks at his preschool so I wouldn't have control over what is being brought in. Do you just send something special with him?

    Thank you so much for sharing your family's journey so far. I'm so thankful that I came across this blog when I did! I was starting to feel hopeless and crazy!!!

  3. I'm curious if the teacher and school have noticed this difference, and if they've noticed it enough to suggest it to other parents facing the same issues.

  4. Missy,
    I've recently noticed that my 5-year-old son is an emotional basketcase for hours after he eats Froot Loops. Do you think it's a case of too much food coloring? Or crankiness because Froot Loops have no nutrition in them to keep him going? Both? What's your guess?

  5. My 3.5-year-old son started having extreme behavioral problems about a year ago. He would hit, scratch, yell, throw things, etc. He acted like he was possessed and could not control himself. We took him to a Christian play therapist who thought he might have ADD. I started looking at his diet as a possible cause of these problems, thinking maybe he had a wheat or dairy allergy.

    I had separate 3 friends point me to your blog, and we started our own version of the Feingold Diet. When his diet is clear of dyes, my son is a completely different child. I actually enjoy him again and do not fear his outbursts. If something gets past us and he eats something he shouldn't, we can tell immediately. I am SO thankful you are sharing your journey. It has helped us immensely!

    My questions is how important do you think it is to actually purchase the Feingold materials? We're reading labels and cutting things out on our own, but would it be worth it for us to join and get the actual Feingold program? Is there a piece of the puzzle we might be missing?

    Thank you!