Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Food LIARS! was the byline of the email my sister-in-law Laurel just sent me and I thought it was a good one!

What's in that OJ? Tropicana is sued

It just makes me sad that you can't trust anything you read on a label. I mean, I don't really trust PepsiCo, they've made no attempt to ever put health first.

But what about other food? I hope my organic stuff is really and truly organic, but is it? There is no way  to know.

Let's just all move to a farm and buy some cows and grow our own food!!!!


  1. FYI most class action lawsuits are a racket designed for the lawyer who files them to make money. So it does not necessarily mean that the claims are true.

  2. I blogged a couple of days ago and I ended it with saying I'm so ready for a farm somewhere! And though I didn't go into complete detail...the quality of our food is a huge reason. I grew up in the back of my parents health food store and I've been reading labels...well since I could read. :)
    My rule of thumb for the kids is this: If it has more than 4 ingredients or an ingredient you can't pronounce, then it's probably really bad for you. :)
    Good Luck!