Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I asked the moms on the Feingold yahoo board about the salicylites, like, do differenat apples make a difference? Can cooked tomatoes be okay but not raw?

Several moms said that Granny Smith apples made them speed dial the exorcist, but other apples were fine. That's encouraging. I am 99% sure that the apples I gave him were Grannies.

Please, Lord, don't take away our apples...


  1. I am unsure how we would do without tomatoes for sure...I am hoping we don't have to eliminate those either. Since my daughter is very picky about what she eats, she doesn't consume many tomatoes anyway and it doesn't seem to make her behavior change when she does have them. I have yet to test out apples :(

  2. Tomatoes were put to the test this week and failed miserably. My daughter had the biggest tantrum I have ever seen out of her. I think we'll eliminate them and try again later. Boo.

  3. Ketchup definitely bothers my son, and so do apples. (Even golden delicious, which are low in salicylates.) Apparently we're going to have to give up strawberries too, because we had a humiliating bad behavior experience at the play area at the mall today after he consumed strawberries. I wanted to give a quick lesson on salicylate sensitivity to the other moms, but I'm pretty sure they just wanted us to leave. So we did. : (


  4. We just got our Feingold materials but haven't officially started yet...I am praying that we can get to Stage 2 and successfully eat those things again without tantrums....our family lives on apples, strawberries, grapes/raisins and tomato sauce. Not sure what I'm going to replace those with yet...